Museums, Bureaux, Hotels to a place called Home

Architect António Falcão Costa Lopes has an excellent eye for spotting architectural potential and buildings with ‘good bones’, exploiting their locational aspects, construction aesthetics and design scope for development. From heritage buildings, boulevard appeal, commercial to residential, António loves design, and is a collector of iconic culture, a restorer and curator of modern pieces that adorn his projects into a seamless cohesion of style and architecture.

António’s particular strength is his ability to look beyond the basic architectural drawing – he conjures special concepts and masters the definition of space and how it should and could be used. Increasing asset values, his highappeal properties are our hallmark, and an integral element to the label Casa Fortunato.

In close collaboration with architects, master planners, interior architects and industrial designers, António has built a strong reputation within the Portuguese world across hospitality, commercial and residential sectors.

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